What I Learned in 30 Days of Yoga

I will never be like the woman in this stock photo.  She is graceful and lithe, like a gazelle or a swan.  At best, I have the coordination of a drunk bear.  Why I thought it would be a good idea to try a 30 day yoga challenge is beyond me. I've always wanted to... Continue Reading →


Movie Night – Forbidden World (1982)

“I’ve got a motto: if it moves, and it’s not one of us, shoot it.” Think of how short all of the space monster movies would be if that were everyone’s motto. On the remote desert planet of Xarbia, a research team has created an experimental life form they have designated “Subject 20”. However, Subject... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Anime on Netflix

Midterms have been making my eye go all twitchy lately, so I thought I would take a day and unplug myself from the chaos and spend the day in the throes of a Netflix binge.  I spent the entire afternoon surveying the collection of anime.  This was mainly because there were so many intriguing titles... Continue Reading →

Please, Don’t Call Me That

The first time I held a video game controller in my hands, it was instant love.  It was Christmas morning at my grandparents’ house, and I was eight years old.  I'd had a couple friends who had a SNES, but I never imagined the day would come when I would own my own system. So,... Continue Reading →

I Like to Write in Public

There is something comforting in sitting in a diner, clacking away at my laptop, with a hot sandwich and delightful Irish caife in front of me. At this point it seems to be common knowledge in this particular cafe that the less they come around, the bigger tip they'll get from me (I'm not antisocial,... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Television Pilots

  As I mentioned last week I have been ill quite a bit recently, and I’m also coming back from a broken foot.  These issues led to my absence from the blog as well as essentially everything else in my life that wasn't specifically school related.  Seriously, I didn’t even read a book because it... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Mass Effect: Revelation

Drew Karpyshyn's Star Wars novels are hands down some of the best experiences I have had reading Sci-Fi. Also, those of you who know me are already aware of my absolute obsession with the Mass Effect video games developed by BioWare.  I have played through that trilogy more times than I can count. So, imagine... Continue Reading →

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