Looking for something different to play together? Let’s face it, while I still adore classic games like Sorry, Monopoly and Yahtzee, sometimes family night just needs a change of pace.  Spice up your next game night by trying out some of the featured games in my Family Fun Night series, where I focus on affordable, reasonably fast-paced and interesting games that could be the breath of fresh air you need.

Take Bears! by Fireside Games for example. You and your pals are on a camping trip, when suddenly your campground is attacked by bears. Chaos ensues. Some people fight the bears, others run away, and some are still sleeping, wrapped up in a cozy sleeping bag burrito for easy consumption.

Game play in this dice game is very straightforward and uncomplicated.  There are two types of dice used – Player Dice (with pictures of a rifle, a little running man, and someone snoozing in a sleeping bag) and Camp Dice (with pictures of tents and bears).  Each player is allotted a certain amount of Player Dice, and once the Camp Dice are rolled out in the center of the table it is every man for himself.

As quickly as possible, players must pair their dice with the camp dice to create the best score possible for themselves, until the player who removes the last bear or tent yells “Bears!” to end the round. To determine the scores of that round, you simply tally up how many points you have earned given the combinations of dice you made.

One game of Bears! probably only takes about twenty minutes if you play to 100 points, but you won’t even notice because you will be laughing too hard to care. Regardless, you can always play an alternative method and play to 50 points.

The age range for this game is 7 and up, but is honestly fun for any age. My three year old nephew loves it. It’s actually pretty hilarious watching a group of adults play this. Half of them are giggling madly and the other half are going, “Ohgodohgodohgod” as they frantically make their pairs.

It is perfect for a family night game, accommodating two to four players at a time. Also, if your child’s math skills need some work, helping them add up their own scores would be a fun way to get some extra practice!