I may have missed writing about last week’s episode but there is more than enough to talk about this week as we round the corner to the season finale. Without wasting more time than I need to here is the warning you always get. Spoilers follow for both the AMC produced show and black and white on-going publication from Image Comics.  Turn back now if this concerns you.

Even with two episodes remaining in the season we are given so much in a mere forty-two minutes. We get answers to some questions, character interaction I was hoping for personally, a loss, the return of a now not-so-familiar face and some hope that may have been looked over. Keeping things entertaining for all viewers AMC and The Walking Dead writers put an unexpected spin on the source material.

I am such a fan boy I have had trouble finding anything wrong with the episodes. That was not the case this week as the whole opening scene was one of the most awkward ways to show a passage of time in this entire series. I didn’t have an issue with the content of this sequence, in fact I was pleased to see Morgan complete his cell and Daryl and Carol sharing a smoke break, I had an issue with those bizarre dream-like blurring dissolve cuts that made me roll my eyes and have little hope for the episode. Glad I was wrong.

Keeping with the timing of the source material Abraham and Eugene locate the tools and equipment needed to start crafting the new world currency, bullets. One of my favorite walkers to date shows up as the catalyst to a spat between the two survivors. This walker took a cue from Viserys Targaryen and asked for a crown of metal but oddly asked for lead instead of gold. I do find it a little hard to believe that Eugene being as smart as he is would not realize the cooled liquid lead would form quite the protective skullcap that it does. The argument that comes from the metallic threat is that Eugene is finding his place and developing his skills in this new world so he calls dibs on the kill and fails to capitalize. This is one half of a pair of survivors going through very similar internal struggles.

We’ve seen several of these pairings in recent episodes. We saw Glenn and Heath struggling with their first human kills followed by two mothers, Maggie and Carol, dealing their own place in the new world. I hope if the theme of pairs of survivors dealing with mirrored situations continues to the finale it doesn’t end with a double bloody result.

The other half of the pair is Dr. Denise Cloyd who insists that Rosita and Daryl accompany her to an apothecary despite the two saying the good doctor isn’t ready for what is outside the wall. In the end she proves them mostly wrong as she was right about finding medicine and holds off a walker for a cooler which contains some valuable treasure, a single orange flavored Crush pop.

After she finds her Holy Grail and is giving a strong speech about how she is ready for this world and was more prepared for it than she was for being a doctor, she takes a bolt to the back of the head and out through the eye, the exact way Abraham does in the comics. For me Abraham’s death in the comics was one that didn’t surprise or move me and in fact quickly forgot. Denise taking this death feels a lot worse. While losing Abraham would be a major loss of muscle, they just lost their only doctor. It may also hurt more because I found her awkward antics absolutely adorable. I do have to give thanks that we learn Denise had a twin brother named Dennis and he is the one that was like Daryl.

Adding yet another D name to this list, Dwight is the one who fired the bolt, from Daryl’s crossbow. The man that stole said crossbow and motorcycle finally reappears with a new but extremely familiar burn on the side of his face. He states that as they are aware, they tend to kill one before approaching to send a message and he goes on to reveal that the Saviors are aware of Alexandria and its location. Eugene gets a bit of Dwight’s D as a distraction that results in a fire fight. Eugene takes a torso shot and Dwight makes a retreat.

This wasn’t a bad episode but it wasn’t one of my favorites for many reasons. I am sad to see Denise go even though I saw it coming. The early shots making me think it was all a dream should never show up again. Finally, at this point I am not sure if I am reaching too far for connections but it seems like they are beating us over the head with the foreshadowing as this is the third time someone has mentioned that they kill one before approaching. I’m starting to wonder if Lucille will be hungry enough for two instead of just one.