Looking for something different to play together? Let’s face it, while I still adore classic games like Sorry, Monopoly and Yahtzee, sometimes family night just needs a change of pace.  Spice up your next game night by trying out some of the featured games in my Family Fun Night series, where I focus on affordable, reasonably fast-paced and interesting games that could be the breath of fresh air you need.

Deer in the Headlights, by Front Porch Classics, is a game that utilizes both dice and cards.  Each round all of the cards are dealt to players and the dealer begins by rolling all three dice.  The numbers, letters, and symbols on the dice indicate to the player the appropriate amount to be discarded from his or her hand.  Depending on the symbols, the cards could be discarded to a center pile, or could also be passed to opposing players.  The winner of each round is the first player to have no cards left in their hand.  At the end of each round, every player then adds up the numbers on the cards remaining in their hand and enter it on their scorecards.  The game ends when the first player reaches 150 points; the winner is the player with the lowest score when the game ends.

I love this because it is a simple game without many rules.  If your family is as competitive as mine, sometimes playing the games with simplest and fewest rules can end several arguments before they even begin.

The box says ages 8+, but I am confident a child younger than that could play this game without much of a problem.  Also, if your child’s math skills need some work, helping them add up their own scores would be a fun way to get some extra practice!